Crouching Tiger, Hidden Guitarist


I think I may have found something that can help me with my dodgy
shoulder post-playing. A little bit of the ancient Chinese art of Qi
Gong (pronounced chi gung).

I first tried this by accident two or three years ago when I’d signed
up for yoga lessons at a studio in the city but the Qi Gong ended up
being the only one that fitted with my schedule. What a great
accident. It’s kind of like Tai Chi crossed with yoga and involves
lots of flowing movements of the arms. Consequently, it releases a lot
of tension in the shoulders and neck one delightful click or crunch at
a time!

Anyway, I downloaded a Qi Gong app on the weekend to remind me of the
movements and so following my practice session on Saturday I tried it
out for 20 mins. It felt goooooood!

To be honest, I think any type of stretching/ flexing type movement
after playing for a period of time is probably going to be good for
you; relaxing the muscles and getting them doing something different
to what they’ve just been doing.


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