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  1. Re just get out and do it.

    Speaking as somebody who does not like to get out and do it,i.e play publicly.

    I’ve been meaning to say thank for your interpretation of Mallorca last Sunday at Ron Payne’s event. I know the piece well, but your interpretation has been going through my mind on replay for days now and that only happens when I really, really like the playing.

    So thanks for getting out and doing it e.g walking the talk.

    On my side next time when I get called out to “just do it” I might do some practice before hand!

    Well done, but I still have Mallorca on replay,


  2. Pardon my ignorance dear writer, but I am confused with the meaning of the word “hep” which you have used in the last sentence of one of your paragraphs, today. Not sure whether or not this is a new vogue word that has just hit the streets?

    Anyway, your doing a great job…..so Rock-on Rocking-Roger and please do send my warmest regards to your cute little sidekick stinky- farts!:-/ oh.. I nearly forgot, I’m also a fan of julian bream. never being one to blow my own trumpet I have recently become the proud owner of an original Julian bream1962 mint condition vinyl rca victor record ( with Indianapolis stampers) in a beautiful soria-box ( 12 page booklet included), a very rare copy I must say dear reader of Julian’s. “An Evening of Elizabethan Music” a fantastic recording…but then you wouldn’t expect anything less from this great man.

    Chow for now!

    1. Yes, it’s a totally hep – sorry, I mean hip – new word that all the kids are using these days…..
      Thanks for the lovely comment and enjoy your Bream vinyl.


  3. Dear Nicole ( aka bob frisbee’s mum),

    I am sad to say you have another spelling error, 2nd paragraph, lst line. You need an “of “between the “bit” and the “a”. On a more positive note , keep up the great work of sharing your knowledge with us…..we love it!!!!!!!

    I wholeheartedly agree with nicole. Short but sweet sessions are the way to go whether we have lots of time on our hands or not…….the fingers need a rest also! l have recently decided to face my guitar demons and have chosen to learn brazilian guitar from an Aussie jazz and brazilian guitar luminary and he preachers the short and sweet method too….so there you go..great minds think alike. Well done nicole!

    For everyone out there in guitar land, it is essential that you have a great teacher that picks up your faults from lesson to lesson……if you dread your next guitar lesson, then something is working because your not really supposed to enjoy a guitar lesson..its about going away from the lessons with the things you are doing wrong and making them right and practicing the next phase of the piece to take you slowly to the next level of slowly becoming a guitar master of the piece.

    I am very lucky to have an internationally renowned guitarist as my teacher and after each lesson..I am really drained mentally… Feeling like a bit of a wet lettuce you might say but feeling great that I have new challenges to take on board.

    In short, i really feel fresh and excited when I practice now…..as fresh as a daisy, you might say, nicole!:-)

    Happy guitar adventures to everyone!

    1. Hello David,

      thanks for the pick-up šŸ™‚
      I assume your comments are directed towards today’s post (29/09/2104) on getting back into practice? Just a wee tip for next time – click on the “Leave A Comment” hypertext at the bottom of the post you’re commenting on, so I can be sure šŸ˜‰

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying your playing!


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