A weekly guitar practice schedule for you!

And how are we all on this fine Saturday morning. Bit chilly out eh? Well, it is in south-eastern Australia for those of you reading on the other side of the world!

A good day to stay inside, keep warm and do some practice – yay!

As I’m sure I’ve said probably numerous times on this blog already, having something to work towards in your practice is so very important. We’re all pretty strapped for time and having some aims for your practice sessions or bigger goals to work towards can help make sure you’re making most efficient use of the time available.

So to help you with mapping out your practice I’m sharing with you the practice schedule sheet I use. Ooooohhhh…..

Here it is: Weekly Practice Schedule

You don’t have to stick religiously to the format, but you may find it a really useful little memory jogger, helping to:

  • outline what your objectives for that week are – what do you really want to work on? This could be, for example, increasing speed to a certain metronome marking through a scale or passage (this is one of mine this week) or ironing out all the tricky spots in a piece?
  • remind you to do your technical exercises – with your aims in mind, and that practice is not just about playing through your pieces. But you know that already right?!
  • set out which days you’re definitely able to practice on – some days it’s just not possible due to schedules and general life and stuff. Plotting your practice sessions out, firstly, let’s you plan which days you can practice, and secondly….
  • show you what practice you are actually doing on what days and for how long – so you can track what you’re doing, see if you’re doing as much practice or as little practice as you think you’re doing and see where perhaps see if you fit any more in if appropriate.
  • draw you back to your original objectives at the end of the week and explore whether you think you’ve achieved them.