So what do YOU want, classical guitar fans?

Hello folks!

classical guitar
(Photo credit: bennylin0724)

Today’s post is a wee one. But an important one nonetheless!
Seeing as we’ve been up and running for the best part of a year, and 2013 just beginning to peep it’s head around the corner, I thought now would be a good time to get some feedback and thoughts from you! I want to make sure the blog is serving your needs and interests and includes the things you want to see, hear or read about.

It’s a very short survey and definitely won’t take more than five minutes to complete. It’s all completely anonymous too of course, and none of the data will be shared with anyone.  The information will only be used by me to make the blog site even better for YOU! Promise!

So here’s the link:

Head on over! And thank you!

But we couldn’t leave today without some kind of guitar stuff could we? Noooo! How about  bit of Barrios from up-and-coming Melbourne guitarist Dan Nistico? Yep?

Here you go…..