Album Review: Milos – Latino

So Milos’*  new album has hit the shops, physical and virtual (me having downloaded my copy from iTunes).

Having listened to it for a couple of weeks or so now, I have to confess I’m in two minds about the album. On the one hand, the concept of a Latin American-inspired album is something that really appeals to me. As a guitarist I LURVE to play in the  Latin American style, something I feel very at ease in playing and listening to. You can really move with it, and this is something that Milos conveys pretty well with most or at least a good number of the tracks on this album. His version of Dyens’ Tango En Skai has a real pizzazz and a fabulously alpha-male strutting quality to it. This in turn is balanced by a delicately sumptuous Scherzino Mexicano (Ponce) and truly delightful rendering of Barrios’ Sueno en la Foresta. 

You’ll notice I said MOST above. Well, I said that on purpose because they are some tracks on the album which, and I’ll be honest here (and make small apologies for sounding like a bit of music snob), just make me cringe. Eeeeh. More cheese with that, sir?! Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (Farres) with a string orchestra to match….. Hmmm, this one is going to be played in dental waiting rooms the length and breadth of the country! Followed not too far behind in the hotel lobby music scene by Oblivion (Piazzolla)…

Ooh, I’m so mean. So yes, still in two minds, but it’s by no means a bad album – I give it 3 stars out of 5. Some great tracks on there, excellent playing and the high quality of production you’d expect from a Deutsche Gramaphon recording.

Look, this may not be high art and potentially frowned upon in some circles. Well, not potentially. I know it would be frowned upon in some circles, but you’ve got to admire the lad for his chutzpah.

He’s a very talented guitarist, a great musician – no doubt about that. He’s a good-looking boy too – which never hurt anyone – is signed to a major label, and has a management team behind him that seem pretty modern media savvy (check out his Latino series on Off TV: Milos’ Latino Off TV Series). He’s really working with his talent, putting it out there, making accessible music that hopefully brings classical guitar to the attention of a wider audience.  That’s got to be a good thing right? I don’t blame him for doing that at all. In fact quite the opposite; I really take my hat off to him for doing it.

He’s gone all pop star on us too and has recorded a video for the first track from the album, Libertango:

I think it would be great to see and hear him tackle some lesser known repertoire…..Hmm, I wonder what he’ll bring us for his third album?!

Ooh, and Melburnians – don’t forget to check Milos out at the Melbourne Recital Centre in December. See you there!

Hey folks – what are your thoughts on Milos’ new album? I’d love to know. Why don’t you put your thoughts in the comment box below? Ahh, go on!


* Pronounced “mi-losh”, not “my-lows” as Mr. Classical Guitar n Stuff calls him…