Oud Virtuoso Joseph Tawadros – Solo Live & Intimate at MRC March 28th

Howdy folks! Apologies for being off the radar a bit recently – I’ve been a tad on the busy side travelling, setting up my new music room in my new house, building gates, cleaning out ponds and the like! I’ve not forgotten about you (or my own practice for that matter!) and things will be getting back on track in the next week or two.

Aaaaanyhoo, on with the show! There’s a very exciting event coming up the weekend after next in Melbourne. The ARIA award-winning, mind-bogglingly virtuousic (and wearer of a glorious moustache!) oud player Joseph Tawadros is playing an intimate solo recital at the Melbourne Recital Centre on March 28th (4pm and 8pm).

Tawadros’ latest recording, Permission to Evaporate, has been hailed as ‘a masterpiece’ (5 stars) in The Australian and earned a 2014 Independent Music Award nomination. And did I mention he’s won an ARIA award or three? Joseph won ‘Best World Music Album’ in 2012, 2013 and 2014,  not to mention 11 ARIA-nominated albums. Not too shabby eh?

The March 28th gig will be a very rare opportunity to hear Joseph up close and intimate in the Salon. And I promise you, if you’re in Melbourne you need to check it out!!

Head here for more info and tickets:


Joseph is somewhat prolific too. He has another new recording coming out April 17. For a little taste of Joseph’s amazing playing (and a taste of his new album) check this out:


Want To Hear Amazing Original Musical Talent? Check This Out….

I saw a great video and read an equally great article this week that I thought I’d share with you, dear readers. I thought I’d share with you in the name of sharing fantastic new music by a fantastic artist playing an instrument no doubt related to our beloved classical guitar.

The instrument is the oud, which is kind of like a Middle Eastern lute, and the musician is the superbly eclectic Joseph Tawadros. The Australian (Egyptian born) oud player is really about mixing it up. He takes traditional Middle Eastern music, western classical music and jazz, blends it all together to create a wonderful musical experience.

Check out this promo video for his upcoming new album, featuring giants of the jazz world Christian McBride (bass), Mike Stern (electric guitar) and Matt McMahon (piano). It also features his brother, James, with some amazing percussion playing (playing the req and bendir). Inspirational stuff that demonstrates very clearly that great music and great musicians know no boundaries! Anyway, the video will speak for itself without me rattling on any further! Enjoy!

And here’s the article: