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Are you looking for some more direct guidance or advice with your playing, lessons to get you started, get you going again after a break, a fresh set of eyes and ears or help in preparation for an exam or performance?

Please drop me a line to talk about lessons – one-on-one, group, in person, in the Castlemaine (VIC) area or via Skype.

If you’re interested please drop me a line at classicalguitarnstuff@gmail.com


Email: classicalguitarnstuff@gmail.com

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  1. Hi, I’ve been playing the guitar for a long time, – accoustic – but have recently taken up classical, which is a totally different animal all together! I’m loving it, but am now discovering a lot of bad habits that came with being “self-taught.”
    Outside of the usual wrapping of the thumb around the neck, I am most frustrated by the left hand, pinky finger sticking straight up the moment I move from ring to index finger. Any exercises or tricks to keep the finger(s) down when playing?

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for the post and the question.
      It’s pretty challenging to offer specific advice via written text without watching you play. Our bodies are a big mechanical system and an effect, such as a pinky finger (or finger 4 as classical guitarists also call it) sticking up, may not be the cause.

      Put another way, the way we sit, our posture, can impact on the way we hold and use our arms, which is turn impacts on how we use our hands, which in turn can impact on how we use our fingers.

      If you’re in the Melbourne area I’d be happy to help give you some specific and directed guidance. If not, I’d suggest looking up a respected classical guitar teacher in your area who can help you out.

      Other than that, I’d say that some thorough, methodical and, initially slow, scale practice is very good medicine for all guitarists! Check out Segovia’s Diatonic Scales.

      Always be very aware of your body’s movements, not just hand and fingers. Is there any unnecessary tension anywhere? Why are you making a certain movement? What does it produce? And don’t force anything, or “try” so very hard. Relaxation is key!

      Good luck and drop me a line if I can help further.


      1. hello, my name is windho, I am from Indonesia but at this time i live in brunswick, melbourne (for 2 years). I have plan to take ABRSM exam grade 6-8. Is there any possibility to take a guitar course to help me through the exam here?


  2. Great thoughts on posture overall. I am a working guitarist in a band in the United States, but have to really do a fair bit of ‘physical maintenance’ to keep myself (and my sound) in shape. While this is different from the classical approach (which I studied when I was a teen), it’s still a great reminder…thanks!

  3. Will I have to prepare all repetoire for Trinity grade exams.
    Help me to know how the trinity exam takes place.please mail me.

    1. I’m not across the requirements of the Trinity examinations I’m afraid Udwesh. I recommend getting in contact with Trinity directly if you’re able.

      Good luck.

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