She’s Back!

Hi Folks!

It has been a long time between posts, but I’m back. I probably won’t get back to the regularity of twice weekly posts of the initial years (due to the rigours of a day job with a demanding, but excitingly challenging global focus!), but will be back posting on a somewhat regular basis again nonetheless. Perhaps when I’ve got something interesting (well, things that I think could be interesting, and you can tell me otherwise, dear readers), potentially insightful, helpful (etc etc, you get the picture) to say.

What might be most interesting to share with you over coming weeks is:

  • my forays back into the guitar after a 6 week hiatus (galavanting around Europe and doing the whole getting married thing) and my techniques and tips for getting the fingers (and brain) moving again
  • my thoughts and musings on musical cross-fertilisation
  • my plans to get my repertoire pumping (with neatly ordered piles of sheet music sitting in the music room entitled “record this”, “accessible repertoire for solo performance”, “relearn/ revist”, “finish learning the rest of this suite” and “start learning”. There’s probably about 3 or 4 years worth of musical material to learn, have fun with and share learnings, thoughts and ideas on with all of that

You may also be interested to know (or you may not!) that I’ve set myself a completely arbitrary target of recording at least one piece per calendar month for the next 12 months. Perhaps just starting with some more simple little pieces to get into the swing of things (and used to the gadgetry surrounding the recording process too).

We’ll see how we go with it (see above comment re day job!), but I think it’s something that will give me a new focus in my playing and ongoing development. The experience of recording, in some ways, is a little like live performance in a way for me. The microphone  is “listening”, but also the end result will actively be listened to by all and sundry with even less control over the reception, thoughts, feelings and emotions than in a live situation. Especially if I put it on the internet, like this: 


7 thoughts on “She’s Back!

  1. Welcome back Nicole, and congrats on both the beautifully played Sagreras and your nuptials. Sounds like you’ve been gallavanting all over the place and having the time of your life. Good for you! Looking forward to more posts and more inspirational recordings!



  2. My advice “go low and go slow” Tendons don’t like sudden change .
    Problems often occur at around 6-8 weeks of activity .
    Ian (musculoskeletal specialist.)

    1. Sage advice indeed Ian! My advice too – and great to hear it from the horse’s mouth, as it were, of a musculoskeletal specialist!

      Thanks for reading the blog.


  3. Good you’re back Nicole! I’ll look forward to your insightful posts.
    And I really enjoyed the recording. I especially liked the sound of the John Price’s smooth trebles at 0:46!

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