Introducing Tiziano Calabrese – And Some Free Music Just For You!

I was contacted at the end of last year by a very endearing classical guitarist by the name of Tiziano Calabrese. Tiziano is an Italian guitarist composer, living on the Greek island of Crete.
Super Tiziano!
Super Tiziano!
Starting today Tiziano’s latest album “A-Live” for classical guitar and percussion will be on streaming for free on his website made especially available for free streaming to Classical Guitar n Stuff readers until Sunday the 25th January. Click Here to get your ears around Tiziano’s wonderful work now!
Tiziano also has a section on his website where one can listen to and download mp3s for free.  Click Here! There are also tutorial videos on the streaming page.
Tiziano has also recently started up his own blog, and in the name of sharing and spreading the classical guitar love here are some of his recent posts:
Check out Tiziano’s website at: Be sure to head on over and check it out.

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