New Classical Guitar Podcast – Guitar Conversations by Sergio Ercole

Melbourne guitarist, teacher and fellow blogger Sergio Ercole has launched a podcast called Guitar Conversations. He’ll be interviewing guitarists about their story, inspirations and creative processes. You can find it at this link: or search for it in the Apple podcast app. You can also listen to it at

Join Sergio as he interviews Australian and international guitarists talking with them about their about their story, inspirations and creative processes. Guitar Conversations will explore insights from master guitarists, their tips and tricks, how they practice, overcoming challenges and staying motivated. The podcast hopes to provide the listener with a window into the life of guitarists from a variety of fields including classical, jazz, latin, and popular styles of guitar.

Sounds awesome Sergio! Can’t wait!!

Sergio’s first guest is Australian guitarist composer Ken Murray. Sergio and chats with Ken about his projects, China, Spain, Segovia, Suzuki and more.



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