The 12 Stages of Practicing

Hi Folks!  A short and sweet one from me today.

As you know (well, those of you who hang around here regularly) I talk a fair bit about practice and how you may get best bang for your practice buck, maximising your time available, seeking quality practice, the power of focus and all that. Well, I found a rather humerous little article this week, courtesy of UK classical music radio station, Classic FM, entitled The 12 Stages of Practicing A Musical Instrument. I’m pretty sure I’ve done or felt all the 12 steps at one time or another!

Check it out (with one word of warning – please don’t do number 9!):


I also discovered this equally amusing little piece on the worst things about being a guitarist. Some of them are definitely true in the early stages (burning pain in the fingertips whilst your callouses are forming for example!). I disagree with number 10 though – anyone who plays classical guitar is beautiful!!



Whilst I’m sharing a lighter post with you guys today I’d like to emphasise that I write this blog to share thoughts, ideas, experiences and helpful (and humorous, like today) information with the wider music and guitar-loving world. From time to time I also have guests feature their own posts on the blog – just a reminder that I’m always happy to receive your own thoughts, ideas, experiences and information on classical guitar and associated subjects. If there’s anything you’d like to share with the wider world please drop me a line at classicalguitarnstuff @ (no advertising or business promotion kind of stuff though please, you know the dealio).

I’ve got some pretty cool stuff coming up on Classical Guitar n Stuff in the next few weeks – album reviews, gear reviews, more artist interview and Q&As, practice and development pieces.

If there are any particular subjects you’d like me to cover, anything you have questions on, stuff you’d like to know more about, please let me know 🙂


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