Australia’s Wonderful Classical Guitar Composers

Happy Australia Day! Yesterday (Sunday 26th January) was Australia Day here in the Lucky Country and today (Monday 27th January) is the public holiday to celebrate. Yay!

So in order to mark the day I thought I’d do a bit of a feature on some of Australia’s wonderful composers who write or have written for our beloved instrument. Like the swathes of opal fields in the middle of this wide brown land we have some real gems of compositional talent in this country. And today I’d like to share a few of my favourites with you…….

Composer: Sean Rigney

Piece: Lapis Lazuli – Toccata

Player: Slava Grigoryan

Composer: Phillip Houghton

Piece: God of the Northern Forest

Player: Rupert Boyd

Composer: Phillip Houghton

Piece: The Mantis and The Moon

Players: Australian Guitar Duo (Rupert Boyd and Jacob Cordover)

Composer: Nigel Westlake

Piece: Songs from the Forest

Players: Astrum Guitar Duo (Martin Bickerton and Amy Perry)

Composer: Peter Sculthorpe

Piece: From Kakadu

Player: Harold Gretton

Composer: Paul Svoboda

Piece: Celtic Clash

Players: Classical Guitar Society of Victoria Guitar Orchestra

Composer: Ken Murray

Piece: Landscapes of Santo Tirso

Players: Unknown

3 thoughts on “Australia’s Wonderful Classical Guitar Composers

  1. Thanks for this post. It was my pleasure to have a short lesson with Rupert Boyd and Jacob Cordover when they were making a tour as the Australia Guitar Duo through Nebraska a few years ago.

    Bryce M. Anderson l DTN/The Progressive Farmer l Senior Ag Meteorologist

    Phone: Direct/Mobile: 402.594.4248 Twitter @BAndersonDTN

    *Please consider the environment before printing my email.

  2. Thanks for sharing your national composing treasures. I enjoyed each one you picked. I find the Landscapes of Santo Tirso to very similar to Leo Brouwer’s Cuban Lanscape.

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