Johannes Monno Playing the Fugue from Bach’s BWV997

We’ve not had a video post for a little while so I thought today I’d share with you a clip I’ve had on heavy rotation this week.

I’ve been personally getting to grips with Bach’s Lute Suite in A Minor (BWV997) in recent times, with a particular focus on the sublime Fugue from that suite.

Last week the following video was brought to my attention (thanks Ben). It features the marvelous German guitarist Johannes Monno playing the Fugue from BWV997.  And in my opinion is pretty much a near perfect interpretation.  Of course this sort of judgment is highly subjective, but I just love Monno’s sense of musicality in this rendition. Just the right amount of push and pull – not too little that it’s unduly direct and sterile (which some Bach interpretations sometimes can suffer from) and not so much that it’s overly fussy.

Monno’s tone is absolutely gorgeous too and there are some fantastic right hand close-up shots showing us how he produces his stunning sound.

Watch, learn and enjoy!

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