Introducing Rick Alexander

Today I’d really like to introduce you to a chap by the name of Rick Alexander. Rick is a student of mine (who came to me already a highly proficient guitarist) who also happens to have a fantastic talent for writing music.  Testimony to this is Rick’s new recording (his third) (just finished up last week in fact) with instrumental, nylon string guitar songs that he wrote somewhere between a decade ago and as recently as just a couple of months ago.

Rick’s music (and he had no idea I was writing this blog post today by the way – Hi Rick!) could be described as gentle, pop and folk inflected instrumental songs with lovely, lyrical melodies. Have a listen to a couple of Rick’s tracks here:

Rick’s axe of choice at the moment is a fantastically resonant (and Aussie-built) Phil Carson-Crickmore classical guitar.

Rick recently had a four gig residency at the Baker Street Studios auditorium in Melbourne (the last gig of which I was honoured to take part in, playing a couple of Rick’s duets with him). Check out a some wee clips of Mr Alexander in action at the Baker Street studios here:

Watch this space for a bit of a Q&A with Rick, more music and further insight into this very talented chap and his work!



8 thoughts on “Introducing Rick Alexander

  1. Very cool, it’s always nice to hear new compositions. What I particularly like is the fact that Rick obviously knows his stuff, but never lets that knowledge get in the way of a strong, lyrical melody. 🙂

  2. Thank you Nicole for your post and Nick for your comment.

    Nicole, I was very pleasantly surprised by your post on Monday. And yes, I had no idea you were writing it!

    Your post and Nick’s comment are very encouraging. I love writing for and playing the guitar so thanks again!!

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