The time is rite

I’m always one keen to declare the virtues of listening to music much broader than that of own beloved instrument, the classical guitar. There is much we can learn from listening to an elegantly phrased piano line in a Chopin nocturne, from the swing and rhythmic tightness of a jazz band or from the sheer gutsy energy of a symphony orchestra in full flight. So yes, today’s short but sweet post very much sits in the “n Stuff” category for the blog!

As long time readers of this blog will know, I go through these various musical obsessions from time to time (something that I’d not written about in a while actually…..). Well, my latest obsession is with the Berliner Philharmoniker and Simon Rattle‘s latest recording of Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring. It was recorded to celebrate the centenary of this pivotal 20th century work. If you’re not familiar with the piece, now’s the time! Or should that be this is the  “rite” time? Ahem…

The piece itself is something I’ve been in love with for many years (courtesty of the A Level Music syllabus back in the late 1990s), but this recording adds a new dimension to the piece for me – some very clear and prominent lines that can get buried in other recordings and the latest recording techniques really  captures well the energy generated by the orchestra in the flesh. The Berliner Philharmoniker really demonstrate the sheer, raw, high-powered, hairs-standing-up-on-the-back-of-the-neck, giving-you-the-chills kind of energy that only an orchestra playing in this way can give you. Check it out……


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