Classical Guitar Society of Victoria Guitar Orchestra Video Clips

Good morning (or evening depending on where you are in the world reading this)!

A slightly different angle for today’s post, with some video goodies for you, courtesy of the Classical Guitar Society of Victoria. The CGSV has just recently started its own YouTube channel with some videos posted up of the society’s guitar orchestra in concert. And I thought I’d share with you!

These clips are the orchestra in action late last year playing Paul Svoboda’s Celtic Clash, Telemann’s Concert in D Major and Haydn’s Divertimento in C Major. Enjoy and see if you can spot yours truly!c

Celtic clash – Paul Svoboda 

This is a really nice light-hearted piece to play, with some high energy sections and lovely gliding melody in the middle section.

Concert in D Major – Telemann

Divertimento in C Major


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