A change to today’s post….

Hi Folks,

well, today’s first has lead to another first! I have removed today’s guest post from the site. The reason being the guest post sent through to me contained a link to product that I didn’t know anything about and so I made the editorial decision of removing that link prior to posting. The guest poster wasn’t happy about this, so I offered to removed the article.

I only talk about or feature things on the blog that I have tried out for myself and would recommend to my own students, colleagues or other guitarists. As such I didn’t feel that the link was appropriate for the blog.

You, dear readers, are of paramount importance to me, as is the trust that you place in me. One of the key objectives for this blog (actually THE objective for this blog) is to help others – help you – if and where I can, sharing my own lessons learnt and experiences, to shape and follow your own path of learning on the guitar. It is not about selling products, particularly those I have no working knowledge of, or getting quick links and clicks through to other websites for random peeps. Yes, I’m aware that this kind of things happens in the blogging world, but that’s not what Classical Guitar n Stuff is about.

Classical Guitar n Stuff is for you. It’s about learning and developing. It’s about promoting new as well as existing guitar playing talent and exploring the myriad wonders of the classical guitar.


PS – to offer you something interesting and useful today instead here’s a fantastic video I found recently of a Pavel Steidl masterclass for you – I’m definitely going to give these exercises a whirl….. I wanna play like Pavel!!


2 thoughts on “A change to today’s post….

  1. It is easy to compromise values and integrity, but the measure of what we stand for is often how prepared we are to maintain what we believe!

    Hear, hear NLR!


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