Time to Get Excited! Karin Schaupp and Pavel Steidl on Tour in Oz!

Yes, that’s right – two of the best guitarists in the world under the one roof playing and performing for us throughout Australia in February and March. Woop woop!

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The lovely folks at Musica Viva are presenting these two artists together for the first time, with Karin and Pavel collaborating for us here in Australia in spite of the fact that they normally live some 16,000 km apart from one another!

The concert will delve into the history of the famous instrument from the tiny ‘Terz’ guitar made especially for this tour through the elegant 19th Century model beloved by Paganini before then moving on to the modern instrument.

Karin Schaupp, one of the most outstanding guitarists on the international scene, was taught almost exclusively by her mother from the age of five. While still in her teens Karin won prizes at international competitions in Italy and Spain, shooting. She is also a talented and engaging actress, performing (and playing) in Lotte’s Gift, a one woman show penned just for Karin by David Williamson in 2006. It’s a fantastic show and one I highly recommend you to see if you get the opportunity.

Pavel Steidl has amassed legions of fans, from his critically acclaimed, high-energy concerts, having performed in more than 40 countries. Aside from his truly outstanding playing his facial expressions are something to behold. This is a man who truly feels and expresses the essence of the music with every fibre of his being.

Speaking about the concert Pavel says that “This tour was Karin’s idea, and I immediately said yes. Because I know her recordings, and her work is very well-known. I didn’t hesitate. I immediately said yes, it’s fantastic.’’

Likewise Karin had to say that touring with Pavel will be a privilege. “I had attended his concerts. We’d met, but we’d never played together. I was of course completely awe-struck, because he’s an incredible guitarist and an incredible performer… I am super excited.”  Me too Karin!

The concert looks like it’s going to be a real stonker with some seriously good repertoire on the list. We’re going to be treated to a mix of solo and duo works including the following:

Johann Kaspar MERTZ
Am Grabe der Geliebten

Fernando SOR
L’Encouragement, op 34

Minuetto che va chiamando Dida, MS104
Valtz, MS84

Selections from from String Quartet no 9 in G minor, D173
(arranged by Julian Bream for two guitars, c 1983)

Selections from Spanish Dances, op 37

Torre Bermeja from 12 Piezas Caractéristicas, op 92

Djanaba (1997)

The barn owl has not flown away from On an Overgrown Path (1901)

Brolga (1994)

Chiquinha Gonzaga (Corta Jaca) from Suite Retratos (1956, arranged for two guitars 1981)

I’m personally really looking forward to hearing Karin and Pavel’s interpretation of Phillip Houghton’s Brolga. I’m also looking forward to hearing the stories and anecdotes that they’re going to regale the audience with between pieces too.

The tour kicks off in Noosa on 17th February and takes in Albany, Perth, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne (twice – lucky us! On the 26th February and 2nd March), Canberra, Brisbane, back to Sydney and then rounding off the tour in Adelaide on 12th March. Phew! That’s a seriously fantastic schedule and if you’re in one of those cities I highly recommend you head along. Check out the Musica Viva website for further details: http://www.musicaviva.com.au/whatson/international-concert-season-2013/artists-touring/karin_schaupp_pavel_steidl

I’ll be headed along to the Melbourne 2nd March date FOR SURE!! See you there!!

And if you can’t wait until then, here are a couple of tasters of Karin and Pavel in action to whet your appetite:


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