Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Classical Guitar n Stuff!

Today’s post is a look back at some of your favourite posts from 2012. And what a year it has been!

Thank you very much for reading, commenting, linking, Tweeting and getting involved! Thank you, thank you.

And thanks to those of you who’ve taken part in the end of year survey – I now know a little bit more about you guys out there. Rest assured your ideas and suggestions are on board with my plans for 2013!

So, here are the top ten posts from 2012:

(10) An Interview with Australian Luthier Allan Bull

(9) Two Music Reviews for the Price of One Today….

(8) Cool classical guitar resources n stuff on the web

(7) Growth, Development and Bamboo

(6) Album Review: Grigoryan Brothers – The Seasons

(5) Stretches for guitarists

(4) Album Review: Milos – Latino

(3) A weekly guitar practice schedule for you!

(2) Swede Sounds… An interview with classical guitarist Mattias Jacobsson

(1) Giving pain in the neck the cold shoulder – Guitarist’s Shoulder *

And a little “present” for you too, for being such lovely readers…..A number of you have asked to see me playing. Well, here you go!

Here’s a recording of me (recorded on the iPad) playing Augustin Barrios’ Vals No. 3 back in April of this year, shortly after I was lucky enough to have workshopped it with Slava Grigoryan (definitely one of my own highlights for 2012). The guitar on this recording is my 2009 Allan Bull.

My interpretation of Albeniz’s Mallorca is proving popular around the traps at the moment, so I’m thinking I’ll commit that to digital celluloid over the holidays and perhaps show you my lovely new John Price guitar in action too.

Thanks for reading in 2012, have a very happy Christmas and here’s to a fantastic 2013!





4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Classical Guitar n Stuff!

  1. Hi Nicole,
    When I click on the video in the post, it tells me that it’s private and I’m unable to watch it – can you please tweak the settings on the video…

    Look forward to hearing the performance 🙂


  2. Beautiful.
    I recently purchased myself a new Taylor guitar for Christmas after having not had one for the better part of 20 years… I first started learning when I was about 5 or 6, and went through to grade 3 level in early high school before giving it up… Back then I had a reasonably sounding Yamaha; which, in a fit of guilt I gave away to my house mate (I’d lent his guitar along with some of my music to an acquaintance of ours, who promptly disappeared off the face of the earth along with said guitar and music) several years later. My teacher all those years ago was Harry Schuster of Geelong, and I’m sure he got fed up with my general attitude towards practice at the end there. But what he taught me has stuck with me all these years, and I’m finding it surprisingly easy to pick it up again – everything’s flooding back – I need to brush up on the theory, and my left hand fingertips feel like they’ve been through a mincer, but I’m getting there.

    Looking forward in the new year to many enjoyable hours with the Guitar, and thinking about finding a teacher in the Geelong area, although I’d be a bit embarrassed to front up with my current level of clumsiness!

    I also look forward to that performance you mentioned above with your new Guitar 🙂


    1. Thanks Rob 🙂

      Good on you for deciding to pick up the guitar again. Best of luck with it. Let us know how you go.
      I can ask the folks at CGSV about teachers in the Geelong area if you’d like? And don’t be embarrassed – that’s what a teacher is for; to help you out! As a teacher, I’d rather a student that was “clumsy” as you put it, but super keen and excited to learn, than someone who was perhaps more polished, but without the right attitude to learning. Go for it!


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