Guitar Hero – Julian Bream

I thought I would post up a just a quick one today, on my original guitar hero and that of Mattias Jacobsson and many others no doubt – Julian Bream.

This guy is a dude and probably needs little introduction. He’s certainly one of my all-time favourite guitarist. No, in fact, let’s not mess around here! He is my number one favourite guitarist of all time! This man is one of the reasons I fell in love with the classical guitar.

Such passion, emotion, musicality and such a character. His tone is the fattest, juiciest tone I’ve ever heard. He certainly leaves you in no doubt that he loves the music he’s playing and communicates that so well through both the music and his facial expressions!

If you don’t know who he is, Gramophone just recently republished a 2007 interview with the great man – head along here to take a read:

Here are some video treats for you of classic Bream playing.

First up, de Falla’s The Miller’s Dance

And now a bit of Mudarra’s Fantasia No. 10 played on the vihuela

And here’s a video of my absolute favourite piece of repertoire from El Maestro Bream – Granados’ La Maja de Goya


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