Calling all classical guitarists! Listen up!

"Listen^ The enemy may be talking. Don't ...
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I’m generally a believer in the old saying that empty vessels are the ones that make the most noise.

Piping down both our external speaking voice and our internal monologue for a few moments and listening to what others around us have to say, and how they play, is to our benefit. Well, most of the time anyway! Even if you end up deciding that’s not how you want to play something.

I believe this is particularly the case for us musicians. There is always something to learn from our fellow musicians, be they our junior or senior in age or in terms of playing experience.

One just needs to remember to keep an open mind, do not make assumptions based on our preconceptions and to really listen to what someone is saying or playing.

Forget about, or at least lay aside for a time, what you know or what you think you know and truly listen.

Those coming to the classical guitar for the first time can have the advantage over the more seasoned practitioner in this regard  – approaching learning with no preconceived notions (or very few at least), more often than not really eager to listen, absorb, take it all in, test it out.

It may do us all good from time to time to put ourselves back into the shoes of the absolute beginner. Recalling how we were eager to listen – because that was all we could do at the time! – concentrating on the directions and advice from a teacher without our own thoughts, prejudices or prepossessions necessarily getting in the way.

Give it a bit of thought.
Are you listening as well as you might? You never know what you might learn!


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