Cool classical guitar resources n stuff on the web

With the increasing popularity of our darling instrument, so we find that there is an increasingly growing presence representing the classical guitar community online. Yay! Woop woop!

Some of these websites and blogs help us with selecting instruments, some guide us with tips and techniques, some tell us all about cool gigs to go and check out. I thought today that I’d share and highlight some of those that I visit from time to time.
Another very well laid out website, which is very easy to navigate, with tips, sheet music and interesting articles on the world of classical guitar.  This site also flows through into US-based Aussie Simon Powis’ (the website’s principal author) free lessons website:
This is a US-based website dedicated to classical guitar, with blog articles, some fully legal sheet music downloads (the author’s arrangements of some popular pieces) and ebooks, and generally helpful tips and information. A really well-laid out site too, and easy to use.
A seriously slick and professional website, highlighting the latest news and everything you ever wanted to know about what’s going on with classical guitar in Australia.
A great little classical guitar blog that primarily collates and curates classical guitar videos.
This is a veritable menagerie of classical guitar related tidbits, written by London-based Japanese guitarist Kazu Suwa
As well as blindingly fantastic talent, up-and-coming Aussie Dan has now added a blog to his website.
The first two offerings on the technical elements of scales and tremolo practice, are very thorough, detailed and well written. I can’t wait to see what else he’s been working on.
New York-based Aussie guitarist Rupert Boyd also has a blog, populated by anecdotes and musings on his adventures with the guitar.
A good read.
Regular followers of my blog would know that I often quote Bonell’s blog.
He has some great pearls of wisdom, and a very good-looking little website with interesting shtuff to boot.
I came across this fantastic blog article this week on correct classical guitar posture for minimising injury. A subject very close to my heart.
Becks Guitar Studio
Whilst not a strictly classical guitar-centric website, it does have some interesting little thought pieces applicable to guitarists of all genres.

So, you want to buy a new guitar, but not quite sure what’s good or not.
This little link might help…
OK, I’m a little biased in adding this one, as it’s my home guitar society, but what they heck!
Check it out for all your news, views, concerts and other goings on in Victoria’s classical guitar scene
Nope, not the Gliding Federation of Australia (I’m sure they’re very nice folks, albeit a little crazy for going up in a plane with no engine…).
This is the Guitar Foundation of America and so is primarily focussed on the US guitar scene. It’s a good website for checking out little nuggets on their famous competitions and winners of said competitions
I’ll add these into a dedicated page (which in blog-interweb-speak is apparently a “blogroll”. Sounds inappropriately like “bogroll” to me…Anyway…), and update as come across more interesting, cool or helpful stuff. Feel free to make any suggestions to add in.



14 thoughts on “Cool classical guitar resources n stuff on the web

  1. You need to add a link to Gap Guitars!! That’s my guitar shop!! Also check out the Iceland Guitar school site and Sycamore music site. Loads of free guitar ensemble and solo stuff. Hope you are well. John Draper

    1. Hah hah! Yes, very well thanks John. I hope you’re going well too.
      Good call on the Sycamore and Iceland Guitar School website (I was on there only t’other day).


  2. Thanks for the blog. good info here.Say, back in the 70s I purchased a high end Japanese classical guitar….Matsuo …M series I believe it is called. Beautiful crafted …wonderful condition. Very warm tone. I am not finding many online resources with info on this instrument. I would like to get a feel for its value and merîts. Any help with this is appreciated.

    1. Hello,

      thanks for your message Daniel. I’m not aware of the Matsuo brand, but if I come across any information about it or where you may find more information about it during my travels I’ll be sure to post something up here.

      Thanks for reading the blog!


  3. This is a great resource. I had a classical guitar resource in southern CA, but now living in a rural area, it’s nice to find this online! Thanks….

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