Bradley Kunda

The Classical Guitar Society of Victoria is playing host to a talented, up-and-coming young Australian guitarist next weekend, by the name of Bradley Kunda.

Adelaide boy Bradley has studied guitar since the age of six, studying flamenco guitar for four years before continuing his classical studies with Hungarian-born classical guitarist András Tüské. He went on to win the coveted National Undergraduate Scholarship at the Australian National University in 2005, where studied with the renowned Australian guitarist Tim Kain and gained a first class honours degree in music (whilst also studying a bachelor degrees in law – clever clogs!). Bradley is now a PhD candidate in guitar performance at the same institution.

Bradley’s competition record to date is pretty impressive too:

  • First prize in the Festival de Guitarra de Cordoba
  • Audience prize in the Nikšić International Guitar Competition in Montenegro
  • 2007 Erika Haas Awars for most outstanding instrumental performance student at the Australian National University

Check out Bradley’s playing here: 

Bradley also composes and his works have featured on ABC Classic FM’s Young Australian Composers series. And he doesn’t just compose for the guitar either; his oeuvre contains choral works and works for carillon.

And just when you were thinking is there anything this guy doesn’t do, he is also a member of the contemporary music septet dominantSEVEN, the Australian guitar quartet Guitar Trek lead by Tim Kain, and the BREW Guitar Duo, with Matt Withers.

Check out the BREW Guitar Duo here:

Seriously talented chap! Can’t wait to see his performance next week in Melbourne!

For more info on Bradley have a look a Bradley’s website:

Bradley will be performing at 7pm on Saturday 3rd March at the Richmond Uniting Church, 304 Church Street, Richmond, 3121. For more details on tickets see


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